Ultimate Gift Ideas of 2020 | Best Holiday Gifts

by Joepet Macariola on October 06, 2020

We don’t just stroll around fun places during holidays, invite our friends over to dinner, or stay at home and watch a marathon all day long. Buying gifts have always been considered in celebrating the holidays. It brings extra fun and excitement. Scroll through our gift ideas below and pick the best items for your friends and loved ones.

1. Kids and Babies

• Toys

When you hear the word Christmas, one thing that comes to your mind is toys. Children play a big part in celebrating this holiday, and adults tend to brighten up their days by giving them the toys they want. A cute little Santa bear, for example, is enough to bring a huge smile to a child. Of course, every child has different tastes when it comes to their personal belongings, so better put a bunch of choices on your checklist if you have many children to make happy this season.

• Kids and Babies Clothing

Christmas is a cold season that lasts for days. We want our loved ones, especially the little ones, to stay warm while still appreciating the whole holiday. You can give your kids jackets, sweaters, and other warm clothing. Not only does it keep them warm and cozy, but it also comes in many designs and is transformable to costumes.

• Blankets and Pillows

Having a good night's sleep before Christmas Eve is essential for kids and babies. Providing them cozy blankets and super fluffy pillows will surely give them sweet Christmas dreams. Blankets will keep them warm when they feel cold, while pillows relax their state of mind when they’re about to rest.

2. Home

• Kitchen Tool Set

Holidays are all about serving the best foods and goodies and inviting our friends and loved ones over to celebrate with us. Consider giving your mom or friends a kitchen tool set to help them bring out their best in cooking meals and mouth-watering dishes. Every cook deserves the finest materials when preparing delicious delicacies. Not only does it make cooking easier and convenient, but using the right tools can also highlight the cook’s creativeness.

• Decors

Know someone who loves collecting things and displaying them around their house? You definitely have to give them decorative items, such as figurines, hanging chimes, pots, and other home ornaments. Decorations add color to our homes, and they also reflect a person’s interests and creativeness. During holidays, people like to transform their whole house according to the season. Hence, giving your friends decoration gifts would be an amazing idea!

• Tablewares

If you want to enjoy your holiday meals, don’t forget about the plates and stuff! Tablewares are great gifts that you can give to a whole family, friend, or even newlyweds that tied the knot on Christmas day! You can choose from various designs and shapes, depending on your recipient’s taste and preference. 

3. Women

• Jewelry Accessories

Every woman's best friend is jewelry, they say. Aside from its glistening appearance, jewelry adds attraction to the person wearing it. It’s an ideal gift for your lover, mother, sister, or best friend. Christmas is not celebrated every day, so make them feel glamorous and shower them with luxury once in a while.

• Beauty Products

Women like to pamper themselves and do skincare routines, so giving them just what they need is a golden idea! Make the most special woman in your life feel appreciated by surprising her with skincare products, make-ups, and other beauty essentials. Nothing is more romantic than helping your woman keep her glow at any time of the day. 

• Clothes

Most women like to dress according to their mood, the season, or what’s on the fashion trend. An outstanding outfit would be lovely as a gift. There are tons of designs and palettes that you can choose from. Making it personal, like imprinting her name on the cloth, makes the holiday present more precious and memorable.

4. Men

• Shirts

They say that buying gifts for men is a lot harder and more complicated than women. But men are actually easier to please when it comes to gifts. A simple jersey of their favorite team or player is enough to make them jump out of joy. Even personalized shirts with heartwarming messages are great ideas to make them feel appreciated.

• Bags

Bags play a big part in men who are always on-the-go. If you know someone who loves to travel, you must include this gift idea on your list. Big or small, a bag that matches their activities and hobbies is already a great holiday gift. A personalized bag is also a plus.

• Accessories

Like women, men also want to collect various kinds of accessories for their everyday use, OOTD’s, or even personal belongings. Giving them collectibles like action figures and a limited edition of cards is one way of making them happy during the holidays. If your man is into motor riding, you can bring him joy by buying him a cool helmet. Again, it depends on your man’s activities and hobbies.

5. Tech/Gadgets

• Mobile Phones

Technology has played a big role in our everyday lives. It helps us keep in touch with our loved ones and celebrate the holidays even when we’re far away from each other. Mobile phones may be pricey, but it’s a valuable gift. You may give it as a reward for achieving something or gratitude to the people who made a huge impact on your life.

• Smartwatch

This is the perfect gift for people on-the-go. When you’re outside or in crowded places, checking your mobile phones every time you get a notification is a hassle. Smartwatches have made our daily grind more convenient and flexible. There are various models available for different persons’ needs and preferences. Smartwatches are lightweight, convenient to use, and fashionable at the same time.

• Gadget Accessories

A new phone case, earphones, and Bluetooth speakers are the top gadget accessories you can give on holidays. Almost every person has their own gadget in our modern world, and one way of spicing it up is buying additional tech accessories. With a wide variety available on the market, you’ll definitely get to choose the perfect addition for your friend or loved one.

Nothing is more precious than cherishing every Christmas holiday with the people you love. No matter how simple or extravagant the gifts are, it’s always special when given with a wholehearted intention.