10 Most Fashionable Luxury Handbags Brand

by Joepet Macariola on October 14, 2020

Investing in fashion luxury handbags is one of the best successful ways to grow your influence in social media. There is no wrong time to buy a fashionable designer handbag. A well-chosen handbag can stay with you for a lifetime and be your lifetime travel companion. We tend to buy a highly luxurious good or a service because of the trust and expectations of that brand.

A bag- buying process can be very toxic as deciding for a handbag can take a lot of time.

You don’t want to lose by making a quick decision and choosing the wrong one in a hurry. As your handbags can become the highlight of occasion and event.

To make it easy for you, we have come up with the top 10 most fashionable luxury Handbags.


Hermes is one of the luxurious brands that have made his presence in all the big events.

Grace Kelly inspired, the Hermes kelly collection is a reseller, its value never decreases.
It’s offline stores still enjoy the popularity of its classic bags, especially the Birkin bags.



The fashion symbol for so many years and the first choice of many. Louis Vuitton has marked its name as a symbol of class and elegance for so many years now. One of the best Louis Vuitton Handbags that has been going for ages now is the Neverfull.

Louis Vuitton

3. Chanel

Chanel has been one of the showstoppers for all the mega-events, big celebrity parties, or wherever fashion can be shown off. Chanel handbags are among the favorites of many high-end celebrities like Alec Chung, Rita Ora. The Chanel flap bag can never go out of style and holds a high resale value.


4. Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent was founded in Paris in 1961 and has been a popular luxury name ever since. It is especially known for its timeless handbags like no other and gives a luxurious outlook to you. The most recognizable design from Saint Laurent is The kate Bag- for its soft suede version.

Saint Laurent

5. Prada

Prada has become one of the most noticed and worn brands since it was founded in 1931 by Mario Prada. The designs of Prada has become more impressive with each passing year and has made its name in the industry. The Classic Silhouette has been one of the names that everyone carries these days.


6. Gucci

Gucci has been one of the names over the years that almost everyone knows and thinks to own one day. Gucci recently came up with its 1955 horsebit bag with some new design. The design is so classy that it will never date.


7. Fendi

Fendi is one of the luxurious handbags brand names that came into light after its increase in social media presence. Fendi was mentioned in many social media posts and many celebrities were also seen carrying it. Fendi’s Baguette is one of the known handbags that comes into mind when we hear Fendi.


8. Chloe

Chloe Handbags have been in demand since it's Bracelet Handbags made its debut in the spring runway 2017. The fan following of Chloe has grown ever since for its versatile and sophisticated designs. The latest from Chloe uses chunky interlinked leather rings and to add femininity a single gold ring is also added.


9. Christian Dior

Since Maria Grazia Chiuri became its creative director- the Dior has gained popularity ever since. The Millennial friendly approach has paid off and has attracted many in order to buy its Handbags. Dior’s Book Tote has become one of the must-have designer bags for its easy to carry around and spacious design.


10. Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta is an Italian luxury brand which is famous among influencers and celebrities for its look and design. Bottega’s Clutch bag has been talked about among influencers since it was released. The reason behind clutch bags back in style is its pouch which has soft leather and subtle pleats.
Bottega Veneta



There are various brands that have been ruling the luxurious handbag industry over the years. All these brands offer something different and have made their own value among customers. Buying a luxury Handbag can be an investment in the long run if maintained properly.  The resale value of these handbags is very good.